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The Rational Model of Design

The Rational Model of Design

Frederick P. Brooks, who wrote the classic The Mythical Man-Month, begins The Design of Design by describing several models of design. He covers the ubiquitous rational model of design and proposes alternative approaches based on his experience designing complex systems. Brooks believes studying the design process can help us get better at designing and teaching


Types of Innovation

Innovation isn’t confined to break-out, market-creating, blockbuster products and services. There are innovation types available for each phase of the category life cycle, from growth through maturity and decline, to end of life. The innovation types for each life cycle phase are grouped according to four value disciplines that identify strategies which can be activated


Design Thinking

Design thinking is a method for transformation and value creation that can be applied to business, the environment, and human needs. When applied to large scale issues, design thinking can create solutions that go beyond aesthetics, usability, and profit. In Change by Design, Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO,illustrates how integrative, systems thinking can bring more


The Three Horizons Model and Category Power

Although most businesses aspire to enter high growth categories, go-to-market considerations often conflict with portfolio management and result in resource allocation to low-growth, but highly material, products and services. The priority of current period revenue makes next generation offerings a lower priority in enterprise budgeting and planning processes. In Escape Velocity, Geoffrey Moore provides several


Four Levers of Platform Leadership

Platform leadership is much sought after, but comes with a specific set of risks, tensions, and strategies. Platform strategies work best when products and services are interdependent and there are broad opportunities for innovation outside a core technology. In addition to innovating internally on their core technologies, platform leaders must stimulate and support innovation in