• Radical Focus

    An OKR Fable

    OKRs blend visionary objectives with measurable outcomes. The OKR framework can inspire teams and bring focus to an entire company.  Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results by Christina Wodtke Radical Focus is about a management method called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). The OKR method has its roots in HP’s Management by Objectives (MBO) ...
  • 9

    Listen Better

    When conducting customer interviews, don’t ask your customers what they would do or attempt to predict future behaviors. Watch them perform a task in a real-world context or show you how they did something previously.  Build Better Products: A Modern Approach to Building Successful User-Centered Products by Laura Klein In Part II: Empathy of Build Better Products Laura Klein discusses how to listen ...
  • Growth Engines by Seth Ellis

    Building products for growth

    Product managers can learn a lot from growth marketers. Growth teams can be part of product teams and modify the product to increase growth. Although some growth tactics are specific to outbound marketing, many are directly tied to the product. Startup Growth Engines by Sean Ellis, Morgan Brown, and TheGrowthHackers.com team Startup Growth Engines is a collection of blog posts from growthhackers.com. ...
  • Product Management for Dummies

    Product Management for Dummies

    Not just for dummies, this book is for everyone. Whether you’re new to product management, want to add to your skills, are hiring product managers, or creating a product management process this book has something for you. Product Management For Dummies by Brian Lawley and Pamela Schure Although the title makes is sound like a book for beginners, Product Management for Dummies ...
  • 42 Rules of Product Management

    42 Rules of Product Management

    42 rules to live by for product managers. Great insights and product principles for being a great product manager and making better products. 42 Rules of Product Management  edited by Brian Lawley This book is packed with great advice, product patterns, and anti-patterns. The rules are brief and written by different authors. Each encapsulates a key principle of effective product management. There ...
  • Take charge product management by Greg Geracie

    Take Charge Product Management

    Collect information and work with your cross-functional partners to be an effective product manager. Your company will rely on you to be the most knowledgeable about your product so never take your eye off the market and establish an objective framework to guide your decisions. Take Charge Product Management by Greg Geracie You won’t find these two sentences in any books ...
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    Building Insanely Great Products

    To build great products, design the whole product, including the first experience, the subsequent customer journey, pricing, support, and go to market activities. Building Insanely Great Products by David Fradin This is a short book of rapid-fire advice snippets interspersed with a variety of anecdotes from Fradin’s career. Fradin races through a lot of concepts and briefly covers topics like pricing, go ...
  • The Lean Product Playbook by Dan Olsen

    The Lean Product Process

    Create and validate your hypotheses about your target market and their unmet needs and then do the same with your value proposition, feature set, and user experience. Use the build-measure-learn loop to refine your hypotheses. The Lean Product Playbook: How to Innovate with Minimum Viable Products and Rapid Customer Feedback by Dan Olsen The Lean Product Playbook covers the entire Lean ...