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    Design Moves

    Linkography: Unfolding the Design Process by Gabriela Goldschmidt Linkography seeks to unravel and explain the design process by creating standardized maps of the process that designers use to arrive at a solution to a design challenge. After reading Christopher Alexander’s Notes on the Synthesis of Form, Goldschmidt realized that “designing can be clarified–that there is a logic to it, and that ...
  • Lean UX

    The Lean UX Process

    Lean UX: Designing Great Products with Agile Teams by Jeff Gothelf Prioritize learning over delivery and outcomes over deliverables. Maintain a position of humility to enable openness to learning. Lean UX Principles Lean UX is the way you do design in an Agile process Lean UX teams work “collaboratively, iteratively, and in parallel, with few handoffs, minimal deliverables, and a focus ...
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    Design Languages

    Design languages began with the industrial revolution as a response to the emergence of machine culture and mass production as it encountered traditional artisan aesthetics. These base languages evolved into a set of aesthetics that are expressed today among various design languages. Design Languages by Stefano Caggiano Design Languages traces the evolution of design aesthetics and their associated cultural meanings and foundations from ...
  • Sprint by Jake Knapp

    Sprint: Solve problems and test ideas in five days

    Sprints enable you to get answers to key product and service questions in just five days. The process moves through identifying questions, creating solutions, storyboarding, prototyping, and testing with customers. Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days by Jake Knapp The sprint is Google Ventures’ unique five-day process for answering crucial questions through prototyping and ...
  • Design Languages by Stefano Caggiano

    Design at the convergence of digital and material realities

    Design languages are evolving to help us mediate our relationship to the powerful digital technology that pervades our lives. Each design language expresses cognitive metaphors that provide ease with or understanding of technology. Design Languages by Stefano Caggiano In Design Languages, Stefano Caggiano explores the evolution of industrial design themes over the past 50+ years. Design languages describe both the aesthetic ...
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    The Language of Things

    Design is both a way to understand the world and a way to increase consumption. Although design was initially understood as a way to solve problems, it creates value and identity and moves between the poles of functionalism and emotion. Art and design have an intertwined relationship that evolves in the marketplace and the museum. The Language of Things: Understanding the World of Desirable ...
  • A Faster Horse

    A Faster Horse

    A Faster Horse follows the 2015 Mustang team from initial design to mass production. Directed by David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi), the film gives glimpses into all phases of product development with short interview clips from team members along with a history of the iconic car. This high intensity, high visibility project highlights all the challenges of a software product, but on ...
  • Objectified

    Designers on Design

    Objectified, a documentary created by the producers of Helvetica, is a trip through various aspects of design activity and they types of objects we produce. Each designer’s personality, history, and perspective leads to their approach and observations about design practice. Dieter Rams is filmed at home, Jony Ive in an Apple manufacturing facility, Marc Newsom in his studio, Bill Moggridge with a GMC ...