• pricing the third business skill

    Pricing: The third business skill

    Pricing is a critical business capability but is often overlooked and poorly organized. Bringing pricing to the forefront as its own discipline and organization role enables businesses to grow and effectively capture value. Effective pricing requires an integrated approach and a recognition of its creative nature. Pricing: The Third Business Skill: Principles of Price Management by Ernst-Jan Bouter Pricing: The Third ...
  • Pricing the third business skill

    The Art and Science of Pricing

    Pricing is a creative process. The art of pricing is about selecting a revenue model and pricing strategy. The science of pricing identifies a price based on one or more pricing drivers. Effective implementation of pricing requires a dedicated pricing team. Pricing: The Third Business Skill: Principles of Price Management by Ernst-Jan Bouter Pricing: The Third Business Skill illustrates the quantitative, qualitative, and ...
  • Pricing with confidence

    Finding the right price

    Pricing with Confidence by Reed Holden and Mark Burton Pricing with Confidence lists ten rules for pricing strategy success. The first two, replacing the discounting habit with healthy arrogance about your value and understanding the value you provide to your customers, underpin the other eight. Since the first step to finding a solution to any problem is defining the problem, Holden and ...
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    Pricing with Confidence

    Although discounting can be an effective sales tactic, overuse can easily erode pricing position and change the focus of customer conversations solely to price decreases. Continuing to grant discounts will enable customers to access price decreases which are not necessary to close the sale. If customers discern habitual price cutting behavior, they will learn to hold orders and play vendors ...
  • strategy and tactics of pricing

    Strategic Pricing

    Pricing decisions are frequently made based on isolated variables rather than a strategic view of the market and company. The difference between setting prices and pricing strategically is “the difference between reacting to market conditions and proactively managing them.” There are many important considerations for pricing that go beyond near-term profitability and immediate pricing problems such as competitive reactions, marketing ...
  • smart pricing

    Smart Pricing

    There are many alternatives to cost-plus, competitor-based, and customer based pricing. To find the right option, match your customer’s needs to the pricing approach. Smart Pricing by Jagmohan Raju and Z. John Zhang Alternative pricing models The nine pricing models in this book span the spectrum from free through variable all the way to premium. This book is a great resource for ...
  • visible-hand-of-pricing

    The Visible Hand of Pricing

    Pricing is the most effective lever to increase profitability when compared to sales, fixed costs, and variable costs. Managers should take ownership of pricing decisions rather than relying on the “invisible hand of the market”. Smart Pricing by Jagmohan Raju and Z. John Zhang Studies across various industries have shown that a 1% increase in price can result in a ...