• Invisible-Engines

    Invisible Engines

    To be successful, multisided platforms must bring at least two participants to their ecosystem, find the right price for both sides, and identify what incentives need to be present to attract each side. In pursuit of these goals, they have three key decisions to make: level of integration, pricing, and which features and functions to include.  Invisible Engines: How Software ...
  • Platform Scale book

    The business of interactions

    Business models are evolving from linear product/consumer flows to providing frameworks and environments for joint value creation. The key to successful platform design is focus on the interactions between platform participants. Platform Scale by Sangeet Paul Choudary The maker movement, APIs, network effects, and expanded marketplaces are altering the landscape of business. Uber and Airbnb are changing resource allocation and what it ...
  • Platform Ecosystems book

    The Value Proposition of Platforms

    Each participant in a platform ecosystem gains access to a unique value proposition. Platform owners, application developers, and end users all benefit from the power of the platform. Platform Ecosystems: Aligning Architecture, Governance, and Strategy by Amrit Tiwana  This book covers all aspects of software platforms and is written in clear and succinct style. It’s hard to find books on this ...
  • business-model-architecture

    Designing your business model architecture

    Once a growth initiative idea has been defined, it is important to assess it from a business model perspective. Use small investments to learn and adapt to change for long term growth. Discovery-Driven Growth: A Breakthrough Process to Reduce Risk and Seize Opportunity by Rita McGrath Evaluating new growth opportunities Discovery-Driven Growth covers four steps in evaluating a new growth opportunity: establishing ...
  • business models

    An MBA perspective on business models

    Business Models: A Strategic Management Approach by Allan Afuah   Business Models brings many familiar management models to bear on the elements of a business model. Author Allan Afuah examines effective business model design by exploring internal and external components as well as industry factors. He looks at market positioning , competitive landscape, resources and capabilities, pricing, revenue options, financing, and planning ...
  • business model generation

    (Re)Designing business models

    Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder Business Model Generation (hashtag #bmgen on Twitter) is a unique book which is at the forefront of the current interest and emphasis on understanding business models and their design. Osterwalder and his co-creators define a business model in a malleable way that empowers the reader to extend, expand, and modify existing business models along a ...
  • Profit Patterns by Adrian Slywotzky

    Profit Patterns

    Profit Patterns: 30 Ways to Anticipate and Profit from Strategic Forces Reshaping Your Business by Adrian Slywotzky Adrian Slywotzky applies pattern thinking to business models and markets in Profit Patterns, a book which lists 30 strategies that can be applied to business designs, products, and services. Slywotzky’s patterns identify changes to an industry’s landscape as it transforms to a future state ...
  • open business models

    Advancing your business model with open innovation

    Open Business Models: How to Thrive in the New Innovation Landscape by Henry Chesbrough   Innovation thrives in an open environment and benefits from collaboration. Closing off technology, product, or service development from the outside world decreases the creative opportunities and limits leaps of innovation. Author Henry Chesbrough promotes an open innovation model which expands both the number of incoming idea ...