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How design changes over time

How design changes over time

Buildings are not complete and perfect when they are constructed. They change over time, support multiple uses, and host unforeseen tenants. Architecture as commonly practiced tends to overlook the dynamic nature of our structures and instead imagines a pure, never-changing aesthetic.  How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They’re Built is an exploration of how various


(Re)Designing business models

Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Generation (hashtag #bmgen on Twitter) is a unique book which is at the forefront of the current interest and emphasis on understanding business models and their design. Osterwalder and his co-creators define a business model in a malleable way that empowers the reader to extend, expand, and modify existing business models


Information Appliances – A solution to product complexity

This book weaves together three themes: product complexity, weaknesses of personal computers, and the concept of an information appliance. Norman’s focus is the personal computer as it was available in 1998 when the book was written. However, many of his observations and predictions have proven to be on the mark from the 2012 vantage point.