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Divergent and Convergent Thinking

Divergent and Convergent Thinking

Design requires both expansive, exploratory methods (divergent thinking) as well as prioritization and focus (convergent thinking). Pairing the two approaches increases the chances of finding the most effective solutions. Design Research: Methods and Perspectives is a collection of writings on various research tools and techniques available for designers. In addition to covering traditional design research


Matching marketing to the type of innovation

Different types of innovations require different marketing strategies. Incremental and breakthrough innovations, particularly, require different choices for marketing strategies, interactions between marketing and R&D, market research, advertising, and pricing. In Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations the authors introduce the concept of the contingency model for high technology marketing which asserts that “the appropriate marketing


Creating Disruption

Creating disruption is a highly sought after capability due to the promise of profit and longevity through innovation and growth. Multiple disruptions over time can extend corporate success beyond market cycles. Many books seek to crack the code of repeat innovation and capitalizing on market shifts. Adam Hartung’s prescription to the problem is to break


Types of Innovation

Innovation isn’t confined to break-out, market-creating, blockbuster products and services. There are innovation types available for each phase of the category life cycle, from growth through maturity and decline, to end of life. The innovation types for each life cycle phase are grouped according to four value disciplines that identify strategies which can be activated


The Myths of Innovation

Scott Berkun’s book The Myths of Innovation provides a great perspective on what goes on behind the scenes of innovative ideas. He pokes holes primarily in the notion of epiphany, the spontaneous, external, insight that hits you from nowhere. From there, Berkun questions whether innovation and new ideas are always welcome. He also lists several


Innovation Tournaments

Innovation management is currently enjoying a lot of coverage in business books and is positioned at the latest corporate competitive advantage. Being known as innovative is the hallmark of success and differentiation in the market. As the outcome of innovation is typically a new product or service, the question becomes: “how do I most effectively


Four outcomes of innovation

In the first chapter of Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution Geoffrey Moore, author of the classic Crossing the Chasm, writes about the dynamics of innovation. He begins by identifying the primary motivation behind innovation: differentiation. In the absence of innovative products and services, offerings in the marketplace