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A better way to build products

A better way to build products

Lean UX identifies the lack of objectivity as one of the fundamental causes of product failures. A subjective approach results in a closing off customer discovery and relies on individual opinion. Many companies and products serve as clear warnings as to why this approach does not work. In Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve


Validated Learning

Validated learning is a cornerstone of the Customer Development and Lean Startup methods. Both approaches define a startup as an institution whose purpose it is to create viable business by learning within a chaotic environment. A startup iterates its way to success by tracking meaningful metrics and creating testable hypotheses about growth and value. The


Engines of Growth

The Lean Startup method is based on validated learning through identification of assumptions (“leaps of faith”) and testing hypothesis through creation of minimum viable products. Author Eric Ries believes that because of these attributes, entrepreneurship can be learned and taught. He says that entrepreneurs are everywhere and gives many examples in The Lean Startup: How


Pivot or Persevere

The Lean Startup method advocates a scientific approach to entrepreneurial management by identifying hypotheses related to one’s product, business model, or engine of growth. Making decisions based on metrics from these experiments is what propels the Lean Startup forward. As the startup learns, key strategic decisions are made based o on the evidence gathered from