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    Value Migration

    Value Migration by Adrian Slywotzky Although Adrian Slywotzky is not as well known as Clayton Christensen or Geoffrey Moore he has written about many of the same topics: business model design, disruptive innovation, and business/industry life cycles. He focuses on identifying business model patterns and learning when to apply each type. In this book, he looks at the way that value ...
  • Getting to Plan B

    Getting to Plan B: Analogs, Antilogs and Leaps of Faith

    Many companies become successful after pivoting, iterating, or completely rewriting their original business plans, assumptions, and business models. Since no plan survives contact with reality, businesses often find themselves upturning initial assumptions and models. Getting to Plan B: Breaking Through to a Better Business Model by John Mullins and Randy Komisar Plans don’t survive encounters with reality All businesses begin ...
  • multi-sided-markets

    Multisided markets

    Multisided markets typically serve distinct sets of users, all of whom benefit from having each other on the platform. In the case of software platforms, the platform developer wants to attract both application developers and end users. Similarly, a shopping mall developer needs to incentive both merchants and shoppers to use the mall. In both cases, the platforms lower the ...