• business plan

    The Elements of a Business Plan

    The Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide by Brian Ford A  business plan is not only a way to develop ideas about the course of a business, it is also a retrospective tool which can be used to evaluate progress and a vehicle for raising money. As both a pragmatic and forward looking document, business plans must be both accurate and ...
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    Strategic Marketing

    Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations¬†by Mohr, Sengupta, and Slater   Mohr, Sengupta, and Slater present a proactive approach to marketing in Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations and write that “at its heart, marketing is a philosophy of doing business that reflects shared values and beliefs about the importance of creating value for customers by solving meaningful problems.” Marketing ...
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    Marketing’s Fifth “P”

    The Four Pillars of Profit-Driven Marketing by Leslie Moeller and Edward Landry Profit: Marketing’s fifth “P” The lack of focus on ROI within the discipline of marketing is the core theme of The Four Pillars of Profit-Driven Marketing. The authors point out that marketing professionals do not pay enough attention to hard metrics to guide their work and investments. Moeller and ...