• Why killer products don’t sell

    Even the best products cannot overcome a poor sales process. Match your sales culture to your customer’s buying culture to successfully introduce your product and ...
  • Invisible Engines

    To be successful, multisided platforms must bring at least two participants to their ecosystem, find the right price for both sides, and identify what incentives ...
  • A Faster Horse

    A Faster Horse follows the 2015 Mustang team from initial design to mass production. Directed by David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi), the film gives glimpses ...
  • Designing a platform business

    Successful platform design requires a focus on interactions, a clear set of incentives for producers and effective filters for consumers. Starting a platform business means solving ...
  • Predictable Revenue

    The path to predictable revenue can be achieved through focus on systematic lead generation and specialized sales roles. Hiring more salespeople won’t lead to sustainable ...

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